I can’t believe it’s nearly been a year since the Crowd Funder in Dec 2016.  It’s now October and I’ve finally finished tracking the bass, the drums, the vocals and this time – the string quartet!  I managed to find four lovely ladies in Manchester to come and record some lush strings on the tracks.

Watch what happened…………

The Process

It’s really easy to program strings on the computer but taking it from this and onto paper that musicians can read is another job entirely.  I spent many hours making sure the parts were right in terms of the musical theory side of things so that when they came to play it in real life it made sense to them and also sounded good to us!  It’s very easy to have a computer mask music theory mistakes which become abundantly clear when you start having people play them because it can start to sound quite weird.

The quartet turned up on a Sunday morning to play, I handed out the parts and it was just magic to hear something in my head become something real to listen to right in-front of my eyes!  George at 80 Hertz studios in Manchester did a great job as usual, I can’t thank him enough for his professionalism.

So we all got settled, I talked through the parts before we played them to get the feeling of what I could hear in my head and then we dropped in at the relevant parts in the tracks.  After three hours of intense concentration the job was done!

What’s Next

I’m now editing all the parts on the computer and I will be going back into the studio to do the mixing shortly.  I’m really excited to hear it sounding polished!

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