Uno Prism is an independent artist offering digital music sales online only.

We offer a 30 day return policy on our digital products.  In the event that you are not happy with what you have purchased we ask that you email [email protected] to highlight what the issue is and we will endeavour to rectify the issue before considering approving a refund.

If the issue is not rectifiable we will issue the refund and it should be back on your card or back within your paypal account within 5 working days.

We are offering an honesty policy with our returns as we have no ‘physical goods’ for you to return in exchange for your refund.  This is because digital products is not as simple as handing the files back that can be easily duplicated.  We are thankful for the support of fans in order to be able to continue recording the music.  Without these funds from music sales it is not possible for us to continue paying for studio time and the music falls silent.  We thank you for your honesty in this respect.