Since the Crowd Funder in Dec 2016 which many of you kindly donated towards, I finally managed to get bass and drums in the studio (80 Hertz in Manchester) to record six tracks.  Here is a video snippet of what happened on the day!

The Process

Before the recording day I had to ensure that all the music was written out in legible music score for myself on vibraphone and Gavin on bass.  The drum parts were also decided upon before the day to make sure that they had the right feel to them.  During this time I was also making sure all the audio files were ready for the studio so George at 80 hertz could organise all the parts that they were going to play along to when we were recording!

During this time my brain was going into overdrive with full on anxiety dreams that on the day I would turn up and I would be stood in the studio by myself with nobody to record.  They say no pain no gain, and this was definitely the case for me.  I’ve recorded with bands for years however when it is only me powering what is in my head, there is no passing the buck for things going wrong.  Thankfully, I was not stood by myself that day!

We got in bright and early for a Sunday (!) to setup and we worked from 11am to 10.30pm recording drums and bass together, and then vibraphone on its own in the evening.

Overall I was really pleased how the day went – there was such a lovely positive vibe in the studio and we recorded some great playing.  I cannot wait to show you a drum solo that Gaz played…….!

What’s Next?

No snoozing round here for me!  Now I have to edit all the parts we have recorded.  I’m picking up a microphone to record all the vocals and I’m currently recruiting string players for another morning in the studio to get it all down.  Rest assured there will be more video and images from the day.

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The Emotional Bit

I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who has helped me on this journey so far.  I’ve been overwhelmed by the amount of people who are willing to help me in so many ways from funding it, to recording it, feeding us as we record, to taking film and video as we go. It’s honestly quite humbling.  If you have an idea in your head that has been sat in there for a while….just get on and do it, it’ll be the best thing you ever do.




Funding Funding….

If you have just found this project, or you want to give more you can!  At the moment I’m raiding all the penny tins in my house to keep this going.  Everything is gratefully received and the proceeds all have outcomes that are shared in blog posts so you can see exactly where and how your money was spent.  If not, why not leave a comment of encouragement below, I like those!!!!