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Soulful bass lines, lush strings, floaty vocals, vibing drums & vibraphone

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Uno Prism – Nu jazz Electronica Music

Hailing originally from Scotland, Uno Prism is nu jazz electronica artist that takes influence from jazz, downtempo, drum n bass and classical film music.  As a vibraphone player and ethereal singer, she is pushing the vibraphone, a lesser well known instrument, out into the musical landscape to be seen and heard.

Having crowd funded to create her nu jazz music, she has recorded her first release that includes full string quartet to create lush soundscapes for those that enjoy cinematic nu jazz. 


OUT NOW  ‘Behind Closed Doors’ 

BBC Radio 1’s Phil Taggart Plays Into Place On The Chillest Show

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Nujazz and Cinematic Electronica Through My Eyes


Uno Prism is nujazz, cinematic electronica that is inspired by my love for electronic music fused with classical influences.  I’ve always been a fan of bass orientated music and also music that has soaring melodies and harmonies that sit on top of soulful bass lines and drums.  I’ve listened to nujazz and cinematic electronic music for many years and have been inspired by people who take from many different genres and mash them together to create something unique, soulful and stands the test of time.

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