Donations Gratefully Received


Whatever reason fuels your decision to make a donation, rest assured it would be received with much thanks and gratitude. This is what your donation would be contributing towards:

  • Paying for future studio time (recording, mixing and mastering – this is very costly!)
  • Paying professional musicians to play on recordings
  • Supporting the development of making this into a live project consisting of nine players (rehearsal studio fees).  We want to be able to bring this show to a town or city near you


Donation Milestones – Fund Music & Also Help Support The Cure For Crohns Disease


As a sufferer of crohns disease I am hoping that in my lifetime there will be a cure.  Crohns is a bowel disease which can cause discomfort, pain and in the very worst scenarios, surgery. At the moment Crohns Map Vaccine are self funding to run clinical trials in humans. Their theory I believe is a good one and I have been an avid supporter of this for the last few years.  

If I reach these donation milestones below then I will donate my own money to Crohns Map Vaccine.


  • £250 worth of donations – I will donate £50
  • £500 worth of donations – I will donate £100 
  • £750 worth of donations – I will donate £150
  • £1000 worth of donations – I will donate £200


If you choose to donate below, I personally thank you for funding my music and helping me and 115,000 in the UK and millions around the world get one step closer to having a peaceful body.