Busting a Gut – Crowd Funding Ain’t Easy

So I’ve been talking about this project and doing a crowd funder for about the last six months.  I’m a lass full of many ideas and it can sometimes be easy to have a thousand plates spinning and nothing reaches completion.  I was guilty of this lately and someone said to me ‘Emma, this is just another idea and it’s all piling up to nothing’ so like a red rag to bull I thought ‘RIGHT, watch THIS!!!’.  So here I am today writing a blog post on my completed website, I’ve made a crowd funder page, a facebook page, a soundcloud page, a youtube channel……and this content just didn’t happen, I had to make it all. Doing a crowd funder really isn’t easy!

I spoke to two people before doing a crowd funder who had done it before to find out what their experiences had been.  One girl had made a deck of cards with illustrations she had done and her biggest point to me was ‘you will never know how time consuming it is before you actually do it’.  Setting it up was hard, but I’ve got my work cut out now to find as many people as possible to make this funding happen. The second guy Ed that I spoke to had raised £5k for his band to record an album.  He had some sound advice about looking at other crowd funding pages to see what I liked/didn’t like and try to better them all.  I’ve taken on the challenge and I hope it has come across as good as I hoped it would.

I hope the hard work comes across as I’m trying very hard with this….so if you can please share this website with your nearest and dearest if you believe the music is good enough to be made properly.  Don’t forget that this crowd funder goes beyond simply making some music.  After this I have my work cut out to promote it and grow an audience, I’m totally up for this if you are!!!!

Over and out,

Em 🙂

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