About Uno Prism

Uno Prism is a Scottish nu jazz electronica artist that takes influence from jazz, downtempo, drum n bass and classical film music.  Her eclectic story starts out writing techno at the age of 12, becoming a trained classically percussionist and then went on to study popular music.  She then became a touring and recording percussionist with a focus on the marimba and vibraphone for a number of years.

Writing music has always been at the forefront of what she does and it is therefore no surprise that her classical roots and interest in heavy bass music all met in the middle to create nu-jazz.

Uno Prism began being written due to a broken heart and many winter days that needed to be filled on her own.  Already feeling comfortable as a percussionist, she also decided to take a leap and make her debut launch as a vocalist also. She came up with the name Uno Prism as it represents herself in the middle (Uno) and the prism of people around her that she needs to take her vision off the computer and into the real world.

Humbled by the support she has received so far, she hopes to continue to share the music that resides only in her head with others.


Download FREE Demo Of The Music So Far

This music is currently being worked on for the first release.  This is available for a limited time only and you can download this for free below.

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