About Uno Prism

Uno Prism (aka Emma) is a singer and vibraphone playing songwriter that hails from Scotland but now lives in Manchester, UK.  She specialises in writing nu jazz electronica which has a cinematic feel.  Influenced by drum n bass, jazz and downtempo this is her world of lush soundscapes to while away the late hours to.

As a vibraphone player in a non classical world, she has been pushing the boundaries of this instrument for years playing in bass heavy genres such as drum and bass and now she wants to push the instrument to the fore so people know what it is and the lush sounds it makes.

Uno Prism has had a long and varied history in music from reaching the quarter finals of BBC Young Musician of the Year, appearing on BBC Fame Academy Bursary Grant Award on BBC 1. played on an album that got to number one in the popular album charts and also a track that reached the top ten of the iTunes jazz chart.  She toured playing as a percussionist for Harley Davidson Motorbikes playing at biker shows across Europe and gigged heavily with a live improvised drum n bass band TheBrokenDoor.

Download FREE Demo Of The Music So Far

This music is currently being worked on for the first release.  This is available for a limited time only and you can download this for free below.

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